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Cox Target Marketing is arguably the World's Most Advanced Print Facility.
Burgess Industries Fully Automated Plate Management and Handling Systems - From CtP device to placement on Press.

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A 38" x 78" plate is imaged and processed, and then enters our line.....

We shear, punch and form the plate into a "press-ready" plate.

We then rotate the plate for press orientation of based on how the operator with hold the plate to insert the correct bent size of the plate for the press lock-up and cylinder.

From there.....the plate is transported to plate elevator located in Prepress. The plate is then elevated to a transport system 18 feet in the air suspended from their ceiling. When the elevator door opens, the plate travels through an opening in the wall out into the pressroom, and then travels above the plant 100's of feet to two different presslines.

When the plates reach the presses, they are then indexed (like Malloy), and inserted into an individual plate position within a 4 position plate pod.

Burgess is the warehouse for the imaged "press-ready" plates.

Our system is designed to have the pressman order the needed plates from Burgess' plate pods, which again is the warehouse. Our system network allows the press operator to look into the warehouse to find a job, or needed plates.

The command is issued for the job, and burgess' plate pods are lowered to each cylinder (upper and lower) on press...the doors open and the plate is ejected to the operator, which graba hold of the plate and walks 5 steps to the specific cylinder and inserts the plate into the auto lock-up system.

After the plate is removed from the plate pod, a single is sent throughout the system that says the plate was delivered and is on press successfully. There is a on-command control system at each plate pod for the operator that communicates job number, remaing jobs, detection, alarms, and even a reorder of the image plate from the CTP device.

When the plate pod is empty, the Burgess Plate manager automatically goes into their SAP systems, pulls down the next priority job waiting to be imaged, and sends the command to the CTP devices to image the plates.....0and the process starts all over again.

CTM is using Goss M4000 press types with auto-transfer. Minimal personnel are managing and operating the system.

To compete in the global print market, plants like CTM and Malloy recognize that they must automated the process to much higher levels than in the past.

Burgess provides the technology and communication network and controls to integrate the CTP and Press Technology into one complete and efficient system.