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The Detroit Newspapers Partnership chooses Burgess Industries, Inc. as outstanding vendor for its newspaper plate management and handling system at the paper's new production facility

ING 2006 Annual Conference
ING Conference

Burgess Industries, Inc., a leader in automated plate management and handling systems, announces that it has been presented a Ozzie award from the International Newspaper Group (ING: www.azcentral.com/advert/ing), a non-profit trade organization that promotes excellence in newspaper production operations.

Burgess Industries, Inc., known in the publishing industry for its automated plate managment and handling systems, was selected for the award by the ING's 2006 conference host newspaper, The Detroit Newspaper Partnership (http://www.detroitnewspapers.com/) of Sterling Heights, MI. The Detroit Newspaper selected Burgess Industries, Inc. for the 6 in-line newspaper plate management and handling systems it designed and installed during the paper's $177 million production facility upgrade.

Man Roland Geoman PressesAs one of only six vendors selected for the Ozzie by DNP, Burgess Industries, Inc. was commended by The Detroit Newspaper management for its innovative approach to punch, bend and deliver press ready plates directly to upper and lower press decks for all six of DNP’s GeoMAN 75 presses. Burgess Industries, Inc. solution's center on industry-leading modular in design, custom configured plate management and handling systems.

In less than five months, Burgess was able to audit, design, engineer and deliver six custom, 1 Ctp into 1 plate management and handling lines for Detroit Newspaper Partnership. Each plate management line utilizes 5 vertical plate delivery elevator modules to deliver press ready plates directly to upper and lower press decks to each GeoMan 75 press. There are a total of 5 Burgess vertical plate delivery modules for a total of 30 in the facility.

The six in-line automated elevated plate delivery systems combined canBurgess bridges CTP to Presses process more than 1,400 plates per hour and enable Detroit Newspapers' pre-press operators to digitally track the progress of each plate from imaging to placement on press, according to Pierce. "The philosophy was to make sure each plate is accounted for from the time it is imaged until it gets onto the press," said Pierce. "This new plant is really a (re-engineering) of all the processes (we now use to produce the newspaper). We really believe this will be a platform technology for the future, and not just for Detroit but for all newspapers."

Geoman PressesSome of the more innovative products Burgess introduced as part of Detroit's Newspaper installation include The BPM (Burgess Plate Manager Supervisory System), Plate Delivery Elevators, and the Dummy Plate Loader/Unloaders.

The Burgess Plate ManagerThe BPM Plate Supervisory System is Web browser based software on a stand-alone PC that provides a real time graphical interface to all processes of the Plate Management System and includes remote diagnostics and advanced database reporting. The Elevated Plate delivery lines sort, stack and deliver plates to the press cylinders on both upper and lower press decks per Bar Coded input. The Dummy Plate Loader/Unloaders automate dummy plate production and insure continuous CTP plate output in the event there is an interruption in the Plate Management line by automatically unloading imaged plates into a holding station until the interruption in the Plate Management line is resolved. Once resolved it loads imaged plates back into the line for completion of the punch/bending/sort/stacking delivery process.

Burgess bridged Agfa Polaris Violet CtP devices and MAN Roland Geoman presses to create a seamless CTP plate-making process with register tolerances accurate enough for commercial print jobs. Construction teams, consultants, architects and of course operations and project management staff all played a role in the successful implementation of this project. We are proud to have worked so closely with our partners and suppliers to help make the DNP project a premier newspaper printing facility.over 1.2 million plates have been punch, bent and delivered since start up.

The Ozzie Award was presented to Burgess Industries, Inc. during the 2006 ING annual conference, Sept. 19, 2006, in Detroit Michigan.

See the six 1 into 1 Plate Management and Handling Systems here...

Plate management and handling PDFMore information about Burgess Industries, Inc. capabilities for the newspaper and publishing markets can be found in the PDF created for ING.