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5 CTP devices into 5 punch/bender, dual plate highway, through-the-wall transport, sort and stack - 1,250 plates per hour

Inline punch bender, dummy plate loader, transport, dual plate highway, plate elevator, plate indexer sorting and stackingThe imaged plates leave the 5 CTP devices in a portrait orientation and are rotated before being fed through five Punch/Bend lines. “On Command” Traffic Control manages the travel of the plates from each CTP device tracking them each step of the way. The plates must be processed, press notched, bent, sorted and stacked into Dual Level Sorting Stacking bins in the pressroom and bar coding is used to organize plates into specific bins.

In this application plates leave the punch/bender in the proper orientation to be sorted and stacked into Dual Level Sort-Stack Stations in the Pressroom. The Dual Level Sort-Stack Stations are fed by a Dual-Level Plate Elevator which delivers the plates to the upper or lower level of a Dual Plate Highway based on bar code information that was scanned in the punch/bender. Any number of sort-stack bins can be added on in-line and Bar Coding can be used to Sort-Stack plates into specific bins. A Dummy (blank) Plate loader/unloader can be inserted into one or more of the punch/bend lines to facilitate automated creation of Dummy (blank) plates. These units also have the added benefit of automatically unloading plates from the line in the event the punch/bend line becomes unavailable. This allows the high-speed CTP device to continue operating at full speed until the bender comes back on line or the off-loaded plates are fed into another punch/bend line via the Dummy Plate Loader Mobile Cart which handles up to 200 flat plates. Reject bins are available behind each bender. This Plate Management System will handle up to 1250 plates per hour dependent upon plate size(s) and configuration.

Burgess Solutions utilized in this system:
- The Burgess Plate Manager
- On Command Bar Coding
- AutoBend Punch/Bender
- Plate Indexer with Mobile Indexing Cart
- Transport Bridges
- Dual Level Sorting and Stacking
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