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2 CTP into 2 Punch/Bender with Sort/Stack
Capable of bridging any CTP System with any Press System

Plate Management Objective:
To integrate two lines of CtP plate imaging into two lines of Burgess’ Automated Plate Management and Handling to punch, bend, transport, sort and stack one specific plate size for one specific Press System.

The best printing plate management and handling solutions!

To guarantee registration transfer from imaging to plate-on-press, Burgess Industries precisely matches the Tri-Point Register of the CtP device and seamless marries it to the notching and bend geometry specifications of the press.

The system shown includes but is not limited to: Integration of the two CtP devices into two lines of plate management and handling automation, two ACB Burgess Punch/Bend Systems with Burgess’ “Electronic Robotic Tri-Point Pin Register System”, one set of internal press notches per line, “On-Command” Electronic Sensor Plate Control, “On-Command” 4-position Plate Sorting and Stacking System, Integration Plate Bridge System, and Plate Traffic Control.

Burgess Automation Systems can easily be configured to accommodate additional presses, plate and notch configurations. Whether you utilize sheet fed or web presses, we are ready to help you. For more specific information on how we can help your organization, contact us.

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