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CTP Device to a Multi-Directional Transfer which redirects the imaged plate 90 degrees into a plate processor and Flat Plate Stacker

In this example the imaged plate leaves, the CTP device in a portrait orientation. The plate must be redirected 90 degrees to enter a processor station at a 90-degree angle to the CTP device. Burgess provides the multi-directional transfer with entry conveyors with Flat Plate stacking.
Burgess - The best printing plate management and handling solutions!
Burgess - The best printing plate management and handling solutions!
Multi-Directional Plate Transfer ConveyorsThe Processor Entry Module or Multi-Directional Transfer is the first module in-line. It receives the imaged plate from the CTP plate processor. System utilizes precision optical sensors for "go/no go" operation, non-stick protective belts and rubber coated wheels for controlled and protective transport of imaged plate. Transport is forward, reverse or pause, front to back or side to side. Adjustable speed control and precision motor drive provides precise control and many years of 24/7 operation.

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Burgess' Plate Sorters and Stacking Systems receive plates on the protective transport rubber wheels. Automatic positioning travels the plate to the designated stacking station. The station can be identified/sorted by press type, press unit or cylinder, job and/or color. Once at the designated station, protective non-stick belts stack the plates in a nesting position within the plate cart.

The plate cart can be ordered as a stationary bin or as a delivery cart for delivery to the press. Your plates will be neatly sorted, stacked and ready for transport, minutes before the scheduled press run. The system utilizes the same components and electronics as other in-line modules. Each plate bin/cart will stack 16 double or 32 single truck plates. Modules can be linked together for required number or presses or press cylinder and units.

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Whether you utilize sheet fed or web presses, we are ready to help you. For more specific information on how we can help your bottom line, contact us.

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