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Extraordinary use of applied science to produce precision bends

One of the Key Features in a Burgess Bender are the actual bending components. The use of our patented split bearing plate bending assembly insures that your printing plates will be precisely formed, every time.

Split Bearing Cam Assembly
The outer radius of the bending member is exactly complimentary to the inner radius of the split bearings. Rotation of the bending member is “dead center” with the radius of the anvil. The result is a uniform, equal forming pressure producing a smooth, round surface of bend and a precise inner radius of bend.

• Design guarantees bend dimensions to spec.
• Dead Center rotation reduces stress points
• Non-contact principle assures maximum plate strength
• Programmable for adjustable alloy selection
• Can be reconfigured in the field for web reduction at a fraction of the cost of competitors*
• With our “On Command” programmable bending technology you can bend for many different presses on the same bender

* IMPORTANT: Some of our competitors benders use a fixed anvil with the required bend shape machine ground into the anvil. The shortfall of this design is tri-fold:
1. It offers little or no adjustment for plate-to-cylinder fit
2. It offers no flexibility when changing plate alloys
3. The bend angles and lengths have little or no adjustment because they are determined by the shape of the machine ground anvil.

Whether you utilize sheet fed or web presses, we're ready to help you. For more specific information on how Burgess can help your organization, contact us.

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