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Modular in Design, Custom Configured for Your Application
Burgess Industries manufactures post-imaging plate management systems for computer-to-plate and computer-to-film applications. System capabilities include in-line plate management systems for register control, plate punching, plate bending, plate transport, and plate sorting/stacking.
Transport for Printing Plates Remote Delivery and Sortation of Printing Plates CTP punch benders Plate Management Systems for CTP Management teams
Commercial Sheetfed Solutions for Plate Management and HandlingsplitterWeb press and newsprint solutionssplitterOffline Print Solutions

Burgess Products and Services cover the gamut of Print Manufacturing
Burgess provides comprehensive post-imaging Plate Management Systems for CTP and CTF applications. Burgess plate management and handling systems consist of standard modular components custom-configured to optimize workflow and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Identifying ways to work more efficiently has long been our approach at Burgess Industries.
We are recognized industry wide for providing high quality products that are easy to operate, increase productivity and reduce costs. We help our customers achieve greater profits in an ever-evolving, high capital, high-tech industry.

Burgess CTP in-line plate management and handling products
• Designed to integrate and automate all CTP imaging devices, plate processors, press types and plate alloys for all printing applications.
• Modules can easily be re-configured when adding additional CTP devices, presses, or implementing web width reductions.
• Provides flexibility, control and full automation; increases profitability, improves product quality and customer satisfaction.
• The Burgess Plate Manager and On-Command Bar Coding Systems automate your plate production and provide complete accountability in print manufacturing.

As the line between high quality, four color newspaper and commercial printing continues to converge, the reliable performance and tighter tolerances Burgess systems provide become even more critical. Printers producing with tighter deadlines on multiple press sizes/types and CTP devices are workflow challenges we rise to. We have focused our product development on modular systems that can be expanded as needs change. Users often start with a Burgess off-line CTP bender and upgrade to an automated in-line system by adding Burgess transport and plate sorting/stacking in the future.

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