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Modular by design - flexibility you require.
Burgess Industries manufactures post-imaging plate management systems for computer-to-plate and computer-to-film applications. Burgess provides proven products for register control, plate punching, plate bending, plate transport, and UV imaging.
Oblong and square Register Pins UV Lamps for printers Semi Automated Plate Bender Single Enge Plate Bender Sheetfed Press Plate Bender Plate Punch for Printers Plate Shear

Each of our offline components is designed to help printers complete a task to the highest possible standard. One of the inherent advantages of working with Burgess is the forethought to create offline units that can be easily retro-fitted into advanced inline solutions as your production workflow evolves. Guarantee your investment in the future today.

Check out our CTP automation page or our product catalog for specific components, each can be engineered with your specific workflow requirements in mind.

We have hundreds of units in the field that have never needed maintenance. We are proud to design and build our products in the USA. For more specific information or to have one of our representatives contact you, please contact us.