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For system integration and “On-Command” management of fully-integrated, automated plate-lines.
Plate Lifecycle
Pages are placed, ripped, imaged and then processed by your CTP device - typically the end of the “management view”. Not anymore. The BPM system creates a command “control center” to manage, monitor and control plate flow.

Database Remote View Printing Plate Control Database Graphing Printing Plate Bar Coding CTP software CTP image register verification
Burgess Plate Manager

The BPM Supervisory System includes...
  • Visual on-screen plate tracking
  • Graphic display of current state of all equipment
  • Alarm display and acknowledgement
  • System integration of all plate systems
  • Central location control
  • Backup and restore functions
  • Remote maintenance portal for...
     - Programming updates or adjustments
     - Equipment monitoring
     - Preventive maintenance
Programming includes:
  • Integration of all systems
  • Ethernet software
  • Remote access
Data base with reporting such as:
  • Shift Reports
  • Preventive Maintenance reports
  • Uptime reports
  • Database for statistical analysis
  • Maintenance and historical reporting
  • Desktop PC
  • Printer
  • Ethernet switch
  • Rack for network
  • Ethernet ports added to PLC
  • Network components added to the panel
The BPM™
Harness the power of automation! The Burgess BPM™ is literally the next generation of workflow optimization in regard to CtP. It combines the power or programming and database technologies with the reliable control of PLC hardware to create a system designed specifically for your plate handling lines. Manage and streamline each plate line in the transportation, bending, punching and shearing status of your plates in process from the CtP device to the press.

The BPM System uses a state of the art electronics package to control the entire system. PLC controllers work in conjunction with the On Command Bar Code Reader and sensors to direct the entire system operation. The electronic package monitors all of the inline modules and controls them automatically, the re-direction or pausing of plates if necessary.

Each line is custom designed to specification for each press and their specific requirements. Management options for multiple CtP devices, presses (including per cylinder), and requirements are all built into each system.

Burgess Plate Management Supervisory System and "On Command" Control
 » Database
 » Remote Desktop Control
 » Data Graphing and Reports
 » On Command Bar Code Reader
 » Integration with CTP and Press Software Packages
 » Image Verification

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