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For system integration and “On-Command” management of fully-integrated, automated plate-lines.

Burgess Plate Manager Diagram Database GraphingGraphing and charting provides the visuals to clarify pre press production
There are several good times to report the progress of a plate: When it comes out of the processor, when it gets punched, when it gets bent, when it gets rejected by the optical verification system, when it travels from the pre-press area through the wall to the press room, when it get delivered to the sorter cart for the individual press cylinder, or when it gets delivered right to the press cylinder itself, you decide.

BPM Reporting
• Plate status reports
  - Plate at processor
  - Plate in Bender
  - Plate sheared/punched/bent
  - Plate reject with reason code
  - Plate in press room
  - Plate delivered to bin
• Shift/day/week/month reports
• Plate delivery reports
• Plate total reports
• Optical reports
  - Position measurements
  - Dot area measurement
• Uptime reports

Burgess Plate Management Supervisory System and "On Command" Control
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 » Remote Desktop Control
 » Data Graphing and Reports
 » On Command Bar Code Reader
 » Integration with CTP and Press Software Packages
 » Image Verification

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