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For system integration and “On-Command” management of fully-integrated, automated plate-lines.

Remote View Printing Plate Control BPM Graphical Interface has features that provide command and control.
The BPM Graphic User Interface (GUI) provides an overview of all your pre-press lines from CTP to Press so you can view each plate as it moves through the plate management and handling process. When it comes out of the processor, when it gets punched, when it gets bent, when it gets rejected by the Optical verification system, when it travels from the pre-press area through the wall to the press room, when it get delivered to the sorter cart for the individual press cylinder, or when it gets delivered right to the press cylinder itself.

Dynamic color indication for shows the status of each module. For example, if there is no plate on the module it will be gray, if there is a plate being processed on the module, it will turn green, if there is a problem on a module, it will turn red. Managed by the Burgess “On-Command” bar code reader.
The BPM interface screen has up to three views:
All encompassing Production Floor View, or can you can use the zoom feature which can provide details on each plate line or room, or right down to a module view.

Remote Access means we've got your back with control from afar...
The BPM provides a technical support and diagnostic portal into your system. By adding BPM, you give yourself the tool to have a Burgess Engineer or Technician log into your system and be able to see exactly what you do. If you have a question, or problem, we can connect to your system through the BPM and find out what the situation is. This is a valuable tool for diagnosis and troubleshooting without the cost or delay of a service call.

BPM Portal or Remote Access
• Connection with Burgess engineer or technician via BPM computer
• Program updates
• Troubleshooting assistance
• Preventive maintenance information
• Spare parts inventory management
• Connection to controllers
• Connection to Optical systems’ cameras

Alarm or alert indicators are placed throughout the system and will activate if a problem should occur.
- These are typically a red beacon and buzzer and are also listed on the BPM’s screen
- Can then be recalled later from the BPM because they are logged and saved to a file every day!

Burgess Plate Management Supervisory System and "On Command" Control
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