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For system integration and “On-Command” management of fully-integrated, automated plate-lines.

Burgess Plate Manager Diagram CTP softwareThe BPM Plays well with Others...
Pages are placed, ripped, imaged and then processed by your CTP device - typically the end of the “management view”. Not anymore. The BPM system creates a command “control center” to manage, monitor and control plate flow, system operation, alarm and detection, preventative maintenance, remote control, trouble-shooting, programming, with or without web-base capability and database reporting. Each supervisory system is custom-configured, based on the number of presses and/or plate management lines.

Burgess Plate Management Supervisory System and "On Command" Control
 » Database
 » Remote Desktop Control
 » Data Graphing and Reports
 » On Command Bar Code Reader
 » Integration with CTP and Press Software Packages
 » Image Verification

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