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The Continuity of Register From CTP Device to Plate On Press Cylinder...
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Burgess Plate Benders are the Finest in the World

The Heart of Plate-On-Press PerformancePunch Bender Features
Burgess printing plate benders are designed to perform to exacting tolerances not able to be seen by the naked eye. Hardened steel, precision machining, state-of-the-art electronics and pneumatic components provide years of 24/7 predictable, reliable, repeatable production performance for multiple press applications.

Fully Customizable, Automatic and Upgradable - Every bender system that Burgess produces is built to match your very specific requirements. Whether you need off-line, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation we build precisely what you need. A single SuperBender (shown above) allows you to bend for many different presses/configurations. The diagram to the right showcases some of the fundamental advantages in construction, precision and automation technology that a Burgess Bender offers.

Burgess Benders Feature:
Burgess Auto BenderACB Auto Plate Feed
As plate volume or size increases, the more susceptible plates are to damage and mis-register caused by poor handling, manual positioning and alignment. Burgess’ auto plate feed system automatically feeds the plate into the punch/bender, registers it then returns the plate back to the operator or passes it through to the next module in an in-line system. For very high volume situations the dual auto feed will handle up to 250 plates per hour per punch/bender.

Burgess Auto Bender Burgess’ Internal In-Line Press Notching Systems can eliminate up to 5 off-line steps in the plate-making process. For customers with CTP plate-making systems our automatic in-line press notching eliminates the need to post punch the CTP plates. After the plate is registered by one of the automatic register systems in the punch/bender, the in-line press punches move into position and notch the plate. The punch heads are mounted on high precision dual bi-directional linear slide systems which allow us to notch for different press configurations with the same cutting assembly and it simplifies the process of accommodating future Web Width Reductions at a nominal cost compared to our competitors. more...

Burgess Auto BenderBurgess offers Multiple Register Systems including Tri-Point Robotic Pin, “B-Opts” Optical/Tri-Point Robotic Dual Register, and/or Holes Over Pins for CTP and conventional plate making applications. The functions of the automated punch/bender and the register systems utilize precise robotics to position the plate into register, eliminating operator involvement. Highly advanced optical, electronic, and magnetic sensors are utilized throughout the system to ensure in-line and off-line precision plate loading and plate bending performance. The sensors allow the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to communicate with the plate management system modules and manage the plate punching, bending and transport processes. more on register...

Programmable Moving Anvil for Optimal Control of Lead and Tail Edge Bends
Burgess’ Programmable Anvil System provides flexibility and control producing bend angles and lengths for precise plate-to-cylinder fit tolerances. Our patented “Split Bearing” cam/anvil bending assemblies form each bend independently of each other assuring precise plate on press cylinder register. Our non-contact bending principle assures maximum plate strength and guarantees bend precision.

IMPORTANT: Some benders use a fixed anvil with the required bend shape machine ground into the anvil. The shortfall of this design is tri-fold...

ElectronicsProgrammable Logic Controller (PLC)
The PLC is the operating brain of the system and is used for controlling all areas of automation, including the “Communication Linking” for in-line systems, Self Diagnostics with LED readouts for easy and accurate trouble shooting and Ethernet Connectivity (optional) for world-wide remote factory assistance.

System Robotics
Competitive automated systems often use “pushers” to position the plate into register position leading to inconsistencies due to variances in plate size from batch to batch. Burgess precision robotic grippers pull the plate into position guaranteeing precise register every time. The Burgess register systems can completely eliminate dependency of an operator for accurate positioning of the plate to ensure high levels of repeatable performance.

With our "On Command" programmable bending-technology you can punch/bend for many different presses on the same equipment. Optional features include can be incorporated with the Burgess' plate handling and management system for high volume applications.

Burgess offers infinite bend possibilities for precise plate on cylinder fit and register.
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  » The Burgess Auto News Print Bender (ANP) (punch bender for web presses)
  » The Burgess Semi-Auto News Print Bender (SANP) (punch bender for web presses)
  » The Burgess Single End Bender (punch bender for single width presses)
  » The Burgess Sheet Fed Bender (auto bender for sheet fed presses)
  » Printing Plate Punches (plate punch for every need - inline or offline)
  » Printing Plate Shears (plate shears extend plate value - inline or offline)
    > The Patented Cam and Anvil Bender Assembly (reliable, strong and precise bending)

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Support, Training, Documentation, Support, BII Service Eye Plate Management Options include On-Command Bar Coding and the Burgess Plate Manager Multiple HMI Options Pantented Split Bearing Cam Design produces Bends at maximum thickness State of the Art PLCs, sensors and pnuematic components. State of the Art PLCs, sensors and pnuematic components.Precision machined anvils for precise bends. 1-inch thick cold-rolled steel saddles. Linear ball bearings and precision rail systems for multiple plate cut-offs. Structural steel frame and blanchard ground surface for the ultimate flat foundation.