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Single End Plate Bending for Auto Plate Loading Sheet Fed PressesBurgess Industries provides a state-of-the-art Automated Bending System for Auto Plate Loading sheet fed presses. The SE2840-APII (left) is a highly advanced, precision engineered machine for use where four-color registration is extremely critical and exacting tolerances must be maintained. The single end plate bender is easy to set up and operates with a self-contained 110-volt air compressor. The bender is also adaptable to in-house compressed air if desired.

Standard Features for Single End Plate Bender:
 • Aluminum work surface
 • Heavy duty steel construction
 • A PLC system controls all automated machine functions
 • "Dead Center" rotation of the bending wing around the anvil produces precision forming that results in maximum metal thickness and freedom from fracture points along bend radius
 • Plate lifter for easy plate removal
 • Push button actuation to begin bending sequence
 • Indicator lights to assure plate is in proper position
 • Vacuum hold down securely holds plate in position
 • Optional press notch auto punch for CTP applications

Whether you utilize sheet fed or web presses, we are ready to help you. For more specific information on how a SuperBender can help your bottom line, contact us.

Burgess offers infinite bend possibilities for precise plate on cylinder fit and register.
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