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A low cost precision plate bending solution for single width presses

Single width bender Burgess offers a single sided plate bender that bends one side of the plate at a time. The single end bender bends the lead edge bend first and then uses the lead edge bend for locating the plate while the tail edge bend is made. The operator positions the plate on the bender over the register pins. Bending is done pneumatically with the push of a button. Because the lead edge must be formed first, the plate must have the register holes on the tail edge of the plate.

Single Width End Plate Bender Standard Features:
 • A PLC system controls all machine functions
 • "Dead Center" rotation of the bending wing around the anvil produces precision forming that results in maximum metal thickness and freedom from fracture points along bend radius
 • Non-contact principle of plate forming assures maximum plate strength
 • Profile of inside radius of lead edge bend is consistant across entire plate width which assures optimum fit of plate to press cylinder
 • Vacuum hold down secures plate in position
 • Pin register system with LED indicator lights

Whether you utilize sheet fed or web, newsprint or commercial, get more from your floor. For more information on how a Burgess Plate Bending System can help improve your bottom line, contact us.

Burgess offers infinite bend possibilities for precise plate on cylinder fit and register.
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