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Use one bender for multiple presses with different bend configurations and cut-offs
The Burgess SuperBender.The Burgess SuperBender.
Burgess SuperBender - The best printing plate management and handling solutions!
Burgess' plate bending technology is the state-of-the-art in plate bending systems for today's precision web presses.

Burgess’s SuperBender plate bending systems are the ultimate solution in plate bending technology for Sunday 2000 and M3000 presses. Our patented technology allows one plate bender to bend for presses with different bend configurations and press cut-offs.

The SuperBender offers complete touchpad control options:
Per Press, Per Plate, Per Cyclinder, Per Press-Deck, Per Bin

The SuperBender offers touch pad control:
- Multi-radius bends
- Multiple Alloys
- Multiple plate sizes
- Multiple Presses

“On Command” Plate to Cylinder Control. Burgess’ “Plate to Cylinder” bend control system allows the operator to program the bender for multiple presses and plate alloys. The operator chooses a specific press type, using a specific plate alloy and sets the bend geometry using actual plate measurements for each individual press cylinder. Each cylinder measurement is then programmed and stored by the On Command System. The system eliminates using one common bend for multiple press cylinders and plate alloys. Bend angles and cutoff adjustments are made electronically without the use of mechanical tools. Adjustments are precise and made within seconds. Each plate is precisely formed to each specific plate cylinder requirement.

“On Command” Touch Pad Control. Burgess’ Computer Touch Pad on Command Control Center prompts the operator through all programming and operation functions. The touch of a finger activates the operator’s command. It even includes a help function for answers to any easy or difficult question. Operating a high precision plate bending system has never been so easy.

“On Command” Press Selector. The Press Selector control system uses a LCD touch screen to activate pre-programmed memories for each desired press. The installer, using an off line computer, programs the memory information. During installation the Burgess installer sets the bender to precisely fit plates for each press. The bend parameters are then stored in press specific memories. Each press can have multiple memories allocated to it for different bend and register requirements. Each press can have a memory allocated for pin-registered plates, edge registered plates and memories that compensate for different metal alloys that may be used for each press.

Burgess offers multiple register systems for accurate plate forming:
  - Holes Over Pins
  - "B-Opts" Optical Dual Register
  - Electronic Robotic Tri-Point PIN Register System

Burgess offers infinite bend possibilities for precise plate on cylinder fit and register.
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