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Sorting your plates, organizing your resources.

On Command Bar Coding for printing plates and CTPThe Burgess “On Command” bar code reader system is used to communicate and direct the printing plate handling and transport. A bar code on the plate contains information that tells the system how it is to punched, what the bend configuration is and how the plate is to be sorted. On Command Bar Code System

“On Command” State-Of-The-Art Electronics Control Systems.
Each CTP Automation configuration is carefully designed for function, control, repeatability and 24/7 performance. The electronics manage and monitor all system functions, commands, controls and feedback reporting and troubleshooting. Communication and connection is made easy with Burgess' state-of-the-art network cabling, for precise function control and closed loop feedback and reporting to system operator or press console.

An “On Command” installation includes:
  > Bar Code Reader
  > Module Set-up
  > Programming of Transport routing
  > Programming of Sorting information
  > Programming of Press Information

Burgess Plate Management Supervisory System and "On Command" Control
 » Database
 » Remote Desktop Control
 » Data Graphing and Reports
 » On Command Bar Code Reader
 » Integration with CTP and Press Software Packages
 » Image Verification

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