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Moving your printing plates, preserving your resources.

Bi-Directional ConveyorsBi-Directional Plate Belt Transfer receives the imaged plate from one point to another and are designed to simply move the plates straight ahead from point A to point B utilizing only belts. They can be as long as required and are typically used as a spacer in a long run across a room, or as a crossover connectivity module between punch/bend lines.

There are two models of this module, one that is used on the floor (shown) and a version which is suspended from the ceiling, saving valuable floor space. On the standard floor model (shown), Lift Up Entry Arm Conveyors can added and adjusted to any height and “Lift-Up” out of the way for staff to easily pass through and around the CTP Processor (an industry exclusive feature) and Plate Management System.

Also used as a Crossover Conveyor Bridge to connect multiple Punch/Bend lines. Available in 30”, 40”, 65”, 75” and custom sizes.

See how the Belted Plate Transports works in an inline application.

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Standard entry / exit conveyor
Electronic PLC controlled
Easy installation
Adjustable leveling feet
Variable belts speed on conveyor
Available in 30 x 30 and 40 x 40
Heavy duty steel construction
Additional entry / exit conveyors can be added

Model #             Description
BWF-TF30          30” Plate Transfer
BWF-TF40          40” Plate Transfer
BWF-TF65          65” Plate Transfer
BWF-TF75          75” Plate Transfer

Whether you utilize sheet fed or web presses, we are ready to help you with your plate management and handling. For more specific information on how we can help your bottom line, contact us.

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