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Create redundancy for inline automated plate management systems.

Burgess Printing Plate Rotator These eliminate operator involvement in creating “press ready” dummy or “blank” plates for production. The inline module automatically loads flat dummy plates “On-Command”, into the CTP automation line for punch / bend / sort / stack of “press ready” dummy plates. It is often staged in the plate management system between the CTP plate processor and in-line punch/bender and acts as a plate pre-positioning module for final entry into the punch/bender.

It has an emergency reverse load function that is activated by an unavailable in-line punch/bender. It automatically picks up plates coming out of the CTP plate processor and unloads them off the line and onto the mobile cart where they can be wheeled to another punch/bend line for completion of the process. This redundancy allows the CTP device on the unavailable punch/bend line to continue operating at full speed.

See how the Dummy Plate Loader works in an inline application.

  • Electronic PLC controlled
  • Handles any plate size
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy installation

  • Integrated Plate Transport & Delivery
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