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Challenges of transporting plates in high volume, over long distances and multiple floors is a challenge no longer.

Where floor space is at a premium and the plate production volume is very high, Burgess provides the dual-level plate highway, through-the-wall transport, and dual-level sort-stack station modules in the prep or press room.
No more damaged plates, no more slipsheeting.
Plate scratching is a common problem that occurs with traditional manual sorting, stacking, and transport of “press ready” plates. Burgess has developed multiple plate management options to minimize or eliminate this issue when plate delivery directly press-side is not a viable option. Automated plate sorter-stacker stations are available in a variety of styles.

Dual Level Sort/Stacking Stations are identical to the Single Level Sort/Stacking Stations in design and function, but are stacked two high; the lower level at 24” and the upper level at 48”. The upper and lower levels are fed plates by the plate indexing elevator. The stack bins are fixed to each sort-stack station. Any number of dual-level sort-stacking stations can be linked together.

They are manufactured with the same proven components as our standard plate highway modules but are stacked two high to handle twice the plate production volume in the same footprint. However limited your space, we will design the best solution for your application, regardless of plate production volume.

Burgess Automated Plate Stacking and Transport System Features Include:
•  Heavy duty steel construction
•  Plug and play installation
•  No maintenance required
•  Available in multiple widths
•  Adjustable height
•  Works with any CTP or traditional plate processor
•  Available in 110v or 220v
•  (Optional) Easy to handle plate cart with caster base

Plate Elevators and Remote Delivery Systems
 » Flat Printing Plate Stackers w. carts for press side delivery
 » Printing Plate Indexing with carts for storage or delivery press side
 » Single Level Printing Plate Highway with Sort Stack Stations
 » Dual Level Printing Plate Highway with Sort Stack Stations
 » Vertical Printing Plate Elevators for delivery on multiple floors
 » Bar Style Printing Plate Elevators for delivery on multiple floors
 » Plate Pod Printing Plate Elevators for delivery on multiple floors

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Dual Plate Highway

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