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Configured to match your Web or Sheetfed Plate Punching Needs

Custom Punch Systems
CTP has changed the punching needs of customers by requiring the punching device to bridge the gap between digital and traditional processes. Burgess specializes in manufacturing custom-engineered punches to accommodate any customer requirements for all sheet fed and web applications.

Burgess can design a punching system that incorporates the requirements of both CTF and CTP imaging system’s, along with single or multiple press requirements.

Burgess Industries designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom register punching systems. We can design a system for you that incorporates all your punching requirements including:
  • Sheet fed and web plate punching
  • Stripping materials punching
  • Illuminated punches for film image-setters and/or camera film
  • Transfer punches for image-setters
  • Step and repeat chase punches
All Burgess "Print Control" Press-line, Straight-line, Web-line and Radial-line Register Systems Offer Unique Features And Options

Our plate punch products are built for names like Komori, Goss, DGM, KBA, Man Roland and Heidelberg - Web Press and Sheet fed press alike. Burgess punching modules adds tremendous flexibility and maximizes the imaging capability of any CTP imaging device. Robotics are used for plate register and positioning. Notch configurations are easily changed, expanded or re-configured.

Inline punching for printing platesThe Burgess Work Flow In-Line Punch System is configured to match the customers specific press requirements. The punch design has the capability to provide register notches for multiple press configurations. The punch can receive information from a bar code patch, which will set the configuration that the plate requires.

Multiple press/punch configurations for both sheet-fed and web press can be incorporated in the same in-line punch. Burgess can also provide a combination of in-line register punch and auto plate stacking.

In-Line punching for Sheet-fed and Web Press Integration
Some CTP imaging and printing applications require in-line automation for multiple sheet-fed and web press and plate applications. Burgess' modular design allows for punching in a separate module or inside the plate bender. Many applications warrant a separate punching module: odd plate sizes, adding additional presses in the near future, integrating web and sheet-fed applications, multiple press and plate sizes and economics.

Webline Automatic Plate Punch

Burgess Press Line Register Punching Systems for traditional and APC Sheet fed Press applications are precision engineered for today's demanding production environments.

Standard Features Include Burgess Webline Printing Plate Punching System
  • Pneumatic actuation with foot pedal control
  • Electronic edge register with pneumatic actuation and 3 point indicator lights
  • Standard or custom punch hole sizes
  • Press notches for all presses
  • Custom combination heads
  • In- line capability
  • Precision linear bearing traveling tail punch
  • Fixed position tail punch
  • Auto retracting tail punches
  • Auto retracting tail edge
  • Quick release punch heads for stepping strips
  • Self-centering device for materials
  • Pneumatic side stop locating pin
  • Adjustable throat depth
  • Pneumatic throat stops with rotary selector switch for different materials
  • Pneumatic vacuum hold down with push button actuation
  • Pneumatic vacuum hold down with time delay
  • Finger pockets for easy plate removal
  • Slug tray for punch outs
  • Floor stands
Illuminated Film Punches Also Feature:
  • 0 1" frosted plexiglass work surface
  • Light box cabinet
  • 20 watt fluorescent back light
  • Access door on bottom for maintenance
Various Burgess Printing Plate PunchesStraight-Line Punching Systems
Punches for stripping and plate-making with an in-line row of punches.

Press-Line Register Control Punching Systems
These Press-Line register punching systems have an in-line row of lead edge punches and press notches for accommodating the press register pin systems on press. Burgess's new press-line punching systems are available in 3 formats: Small press formats up to 29", Large press format 29" to 44", and combination system for combining both small and large press formats into one press-line punching system. All systems are available with Burgess's tail punch with linear track.

Heidelberg/Bacher Register Punching Systems
These punches match the Bacher configuration of holes, indents and scope holes.

KPS Register Control Punching Systems
These punch systems match the Komori factory-installed pins on the lead edge on 26" through 40" Komori presses. Punches are available with either standard Komori or Komori APC notches.

Whether you utilize sheet fed or web presses, we are ready to help you with your plate management and handling. For more specific information on how we can help your bottom line, contact us.

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