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Save time and money by streamlining plate managment and handling.

Multi-Directional Plate Transfer ConveyorsThese very versatile modules can receive plates from the CTP plate processor, post-bake oven or other plate management modules, then direct them either straight ahead or to the right or left within the plate management system. Overhead rotator modules can also be mounted to combine functionality using the same floor space. They are also used for depositing plates into standard single or dual-level sort-stack bins.

There are two models of this module, one that is used on the floor (shown) and a version which is suspended from the ceiling, saving valuable floor space. Lift-Up Entry Conveyors can be adjusted to any height and “Lift-Up” out of the way for operators to easily pass through and around the CTP Processor or Plate Management System (an industry exclusive feature and shown above).

Standard Multi-Directional Plate Transfer Conveyors Features:
See how the Multi-Director works in an inline application.
Download Multi-Director PDF:
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  • Includes one standard entry / exit conveyor
  • Variable belts speed conveyor
  • Variable belt speed rotator platen
  • Electronic PLC controlled
  • Available in 30” x 30” and 30” x 40”
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • Additional entry / exit conveyors can be added

  • Model # Description
    BWF-TF3030-ET 30” x 30” Bi-directional Plate Transfer
    BWF-TF3040-ET 30” x 40” Bi-directional Plate Transfer
    BWF-ET40 Additional 40” Entry / Exit  conveyor

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