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Burgess Printing Plate Rotator The Plate Rotator with Lift-Up Entry Conveyor (shown) modules control plate orientation for proper transport and entry into the in-line punch/bender, sort-stacker, or elevator modules. They can pick up the plates and physically rotate them from overhead or from below. Generally rotation is 90 or 180 degrees.

Lift-Up Entry Conveyors are attachable to any side. Lift-Up Entry Conveyors receive the imaged plate from the CTP Plate Processor or post-bake oven. They can be adjusted to any height and “Lift-Up” out of the way for operators to easily pass through and around the CTP Processor or Plate Management System (an industry exclusive feature).
Burgess Printing Plate Rotator
  • Includes one standard entry / exit conveyor
  • Plates can be rotated from above or below
  • Variable belts speed on conveyor
  • Variable belt speed on rotator platen
  • Electronic PLC controlled
  • Handles any plate size
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • Additional entry / exit conveyors can be added

  • Model #               Description
    See a Plate Rotator in action at Detroit Newspapers.
    Download Rotator PDF:
    Download PDF
    BWF-PR40-90ET    Plate rotator system
    BWF-ET40            Additional entry / exit conveyor

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