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Integrated Plate Transport & Delivery
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Printing Plate Transport

Burgess’ automated plate transport and delivery modules are designed to transport and deliver the “press-ready” printing plate to it's designated sortation and stacking location. System modules provide printing plate traffic control, printing plate protection, and tracking of the plate throughout the entire transport and delivery process. Modules create holding stations when other stations down-line are busy, and plate transport from pre-press to anywhere in prep or the pressroom.

Our products utilize precision optical sensors for “go/no go” operation, non-stick protective belts (standard or heat resistant) and rubber-coated wheels for optimal control and protection of imaged “press-ready” plates. Each transport module has adjustable speed control, precision motor drives for many years of 24/7 operation, and can be custom-configured for any plant application.

Integrated Plate Transport & Delivery
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