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Custom Pins
Pinned Strips
Stainless steel strips with pins to match register holes punched into stripping materials. Strips are usable on light table only. Unless otherwise noted, all pinned stripping strips will be configured with a round center pin and oblong holes to the left and right of center.

To order a Strip to match an existing punch, you will need to send Burgess a template. For any order requiring a special strip, contact Burgess. If you are matching a Burgess Punch, you will also need the punch serial number for your order.

* Note: A template is required with each order. Contact us for specific application and pricing information.

Standard Pinned Stripping Strips
Product Number                  Pin Quantity
PS-3*                                  up to 3 pins
PS-5*                                  up to 5 pins
PS-7*                                  up to 7 pins
PS-9*                                  up to 9 pins
up to 40" length
specify pin shape (round or oblong), height, positioning
aluminum template required to match existing configuration
Burgess Precision Custom Sized Pins
Pins in special dimension can be manufactured within the ranges below.

Diameter                Height
Minimum .060      .040
Maximum .312     .50

Custom Pinned Stripping Strips
over 40" length
custom pin shapes

How To Order Pinned Strips
Before ordering, review the questions below, which will help you order the correct Burgess Pinned Stripping Strip.
 1. What is the height and diameter of your pins?
 2. How many pins will you need on each Strip?
 3. Are the pins round or oblong?
 4. Are you matching an existing punch?

Burgess Precision Register Pins
Unless otherwise noted, standard register pins come one dozen to the package. Pin dimension is controlled to + .0005" and - .0000" to perfectly match hole punched with the Burgess punch.

  Pin Description Product Number Height (inches)
  1/8" (.125") Round Diameter 04125060 .060
    04125110 .110
    04125160 .160
    04125160R .160
  .160" Round Diameter 04160110 .110
  3/16" (.1875") Round Diameter 04187060 .060
    04187110 .110
    04187160 .160
    04187160R .160
  1/4" (.250) Round Diameter 04250040 .040
    04250060 .060
    04250110 .110
    04250160 .160
    04250160R .160
    04250185R .185
  5mm Round Diameter 045MM040 .040
    045MM060 .060
    045MM110 .110
    045MM160 .160
    045MM160R .160
  6mm Round Diameter 046MM110 .110
  5/16" (.312") Round Diameter 04SOL110 .110
    04SOL160 .160
    04SOL160R .160
  125" x .160" Oblong 04OBL110 .110
  3/16" x 1/4" (.1875 x .250") Oblong 04CAM060 .060
    04CAM110 .110
    04CAM160 .160
    04CAM160R .160
  1/4" x 5/16" (.250 x .312") Oblong 04312060 .060
    04312110 .110
    04312160 .160
    04312160R .160
    04312185R .185
  5mm x 7.5mm Oblong 04OBM060 .060
    04OBM110 .110
    04OBM160 .160
    04OBM160R .160

Whether you utilize sheet fed or web presses, we are ready to help you with your plate management and handling. For more specific information on how we can help your bottom line, contact us.

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