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Save time and money by streamlining plate management and handling

In-line plate management and handling systems. Burgess Plate management and handling consists of key components for any print application...

  » CTP automation overview - Print Manufacturing Systems.
  » Advanced Press Register Systems - Electronic Tri-Point, B-Opts Registration, and Holes Over Pins.
  » Burgess Plate Manager - Supervisory System that provides plate tracking, reporting and operational control.
  » "On Command" Control - The "On Command" Bar Code System automatically transports and handles plates.
  » Application Overviews - Some common product implementations.

Burgess Industries offers infinite bend possibilities and control for precise plate on cylinder fit and register.
  » Bender Overview
  » The Burgess Adjustable Cutoff Bender (ACB) for CTP applications (auto feed, auto register, auto bend)
  » The Burgess SuperBender™ (auto feed, auto register, auto bend - punch/bend for multpile presses)
  » The Burgess Auto News Print Bender (ANP) (auto register, auto-bend)
  » The Burgess Semi-Auto News Print Bender (SANP) (auto register, manual-bend)
  » The Burgess Single End Bender (auto register, manual bend)
  » The Burgess Sheet Fed Bender
  » Plate Punches
  » Plate Shears
    > The Burgess Bender Patented Cam and Anvil Assembly

Plate Transport and Distribution Systems - for multiple CTP imaging devices and plate to press delivery. For plate transport, handling and image protection during transport. Plates can be sorted per press, per cylinder, ready when pressman arrives for work.

  » Plate Transport Overview
  » Multi Directional Transports
  » Bi-Directional Conveyors
  » Bridge Unit Transports
  » Plate Rotators
  » Plate Indexer with Mobile Carts
  » Sorters/Stackers Stations and Mobile Carts
  » Plate Elevators

Burgess will help you capitalize on increased CTP output and will minimize the number of plate sizes required resulting in substantial cost savings and efficient inventory control.

  » Plate Shears
  » Plate and Film Punches - Inline and Offline
  » Register Control Accessories
      - Pinned Strips
      - Custom Register Pins
      - Standard Register Pins

  » Replacement Lamps

If you aren't sure exactly what you are looking for or would like a free plant audit to better understand how in-line automation can impact your return on investment, please contact us. We will be happy to consult with you about the application of automation in your facility.