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Flexibility in Design means more options...

Burgess' experienced technical and engineering staff works with each customer to design the product or system for their exact application requirements....ensuring that each customer's system optimizes their production process from image assembly to plate-on-press.

Responding to the Exact Application Requirements:
   » Modular in Design
   » Utilizes Standard Components in a Non-Standard Configuration
   » Plug and Play Operation
   » Full Range of Automation
   » Easy Future Expansion and Integration
   » Cost Control
   » Minimum Spare Parts Usage
   » Easy to Train and Service

What Makes Us Experts... Quote...
We are a world leader in register control, plate bending and plate-to-press-register, Burgess Industries' technology combines innovation and automation to integrate conventional and digital plate processes into an efficient plate management and handling system from plate imaging to plate on press.

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