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An Extraordinary use of Technology for Creating Automated Manufacturing Systems

Specializing in Automation Design and Mechanical Assembly
   » Within .0003” (7.5µ) to .001” (25µ)
   » 70% Construction is Precision Machined Fabrication
   » Precision “Off-the-shelf” Components
   » Worldwide Supply of Components
   » We utilize the most modern test instruments for surface, position and form testing ensuring consistently high quality.
   » A broad range of partners allows us to offer an abundance of resources.

Examples of different components and technologies used:
- Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Input/Output
- International Reading Troubleshoot Modems
- Monitor Control Cards For PLC, Multiple Language Programming
- User Machine Interface / Key Pads
- Planetary Gear Reducers
- Linear Ball Bearing Actuators
- Precision Servo Motors
- Motor Brakes
- Rotary Incremental and Absolute Encoders
- Robotics
- CCD Imaging and detection
- Network Cabling
- Various Machine Sensors: Optical, Proximity, Magnetic...
- All products range in non-to-full automation depending on design requests and application needs of our customers.Quote...

How can you utilize these technologies and abilities in your organization? Find out how we've assisted other organizations just like yours. Contact us. Burgess Industries; from image assembly to plate-on-press.

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