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Burgess has established relationships with a partnering network of over 200 suppliers, providing expertise, high-precision fabricated-machined parts, electronic components and access to all new and evolving technology. These partnering relationships are the driving forces behind Burgess’ competitive edge in leading design, quality, pricing, delivery and service. Burgess’ manufacturing strength provides great flexibility in controlling and meeting the production demand needs of our customers. We’ve perfected the process of moving design concept, to prototype and pre-production to production, in a very short period of time, allowing our partners to take full advantage of market opportunity and potential.

We custom design and build custom equipment for CTP and press manufacturers. Print industry Original Equipment Manufacturers continue to call on Burgess because they know the challenges they face can be overcome with engineering expertise and a history of manufacturing to the highest standards that Burgess provides. Over the years, Burgess has sold millions of dollars of equipment worldwide through OEMs and Private Label Contract Manufacturing.

Some of our Key Relationships include…
Printing Press Manufacturers
> Goss International
> Komori
> Tensor
> Manugraph DGM
> Timsons

CTP (Computer-to-Plate) Device Manufacturers
> alfaQuest
> Fuji
> Kodak

Burgess Dealers and Resellers
> Pitman
> Ennovation
> FT&A

Memberships and Organizations
> PIA/GATF (GAIN)- Graphic Arts Information Network
> NPES - The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies
> NAA - National Newspaper Association
>  NAPL - Nat'l Association of Print Leadership
>  PIM - Printing Industry of Minnesota

Find out how these leading manufacturers and print communication companies take advantage of the cutting edge design, engineering, manufacturing and automation processes Burgess Industries provides with our application overviews.

Private Labeling
As a designer and manufacturer of sophisticated automation equipment, Burgess Industries has the width and breadth of experience to act as an extension of your organization. Draw on our experience for your projects, contact us.

Newspaper Organizations and Groups
    » Ogden News Group
    » Morris Communications
    » Gannett
    » Hearst
    » Page Cooperative - "Publishers Associated to Gain Economy" - Visit their website.

Take advantage of the buying power these print organizations can provide.